about the artist

I have been surrounded by beauty my entire life. Growing up on a dairy farm and later owning and operating one allowed me to establish a deep, unique connection to the land. As a child the farm was an enormous playground that stimulated my imagination. Playing outside every day, my perception and intuitions were strengthened. “We are children of our landscape; it dictates behavior and even thought in the measure to which we are responsive” (Lawrence Durell)

This unconscious influence has helped me develop my own style. My paintings have a subtle drama with quiet details that arouse sentiments in those who experience them. My work portrays a sense of truthfulness and helps me connect with others. It instills a dialogue, internal or external.

In truth, there is no artist that creates without passion and spirit. Creating is a life enhancing experience that only inspires a more intimate contemplation for me. It extends my own senses and inspires humanity. I am grateful for experiencing this wonderful visual world and pay homage to it with my honest brushstroke.